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Chicken with zucchini in papillote

Chicken with zucchini in papillote

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Cut the chest into two lobes. Grease with butter and sprinkle with spices.

The zucchini is washed, wiped and sliced. Powder with salt and pepper.

Fry the meat in the grill pan for 5 minutes on each side.

Cut two larger sheets of baking paper. Grease each with a little oil, place slices of seasoned pumpkin, garlic, a piece of fried chicken, chopped garlic and peppercorns.

Gather the paper tightly at the ends to form a package to hold the steam inside, and place in a tray.

Bake at 200 degrees C with ventilation for 20-25 minutes.

They are carefully unwrapped and served directly from the paper.

Sprinkle with fresh dill and extra spices if needed.

Good appetite!

The daughter of the murderer from Onești breaks the silence: “My father did not cut a hen. I don't know what was in his head "

Andreea Moroșan, the daughter of the criminal from Onești, gave an exclusive interview for România TV. The young woman claims that she cannot return to the country due to death threats.

The daughter of the murderer from Onești breaks the silence. Andreea Moroșan has been working in Germany for more than five years. The woman claims that she knows her father very well and does not understand how he came to take the lives of two people.

Moreover, she claims that her father could not cut a hen in the house and does not understand what was in his head at that time. Now, after the tragedy, the woman receives death threats and cannot return to the country.

The daughter of the murderer from Onești breaks the silence
"I did not think such a thing would happen. I know my father too well. Now the words are superfluous and it makes no sense. I am threatened by different people, I have no way to come to the country. Death threats, that I will be shown what is happening. My father did not cut a hen at home. I don't want to apologize, but my father didn't cut a hen at home. I don't know what was in his head then ", Andreea Moroșan declared for Romania TV.

She also told how her family was left without an apartment 11 years ago. It seems that then the bailiff and the gendarmes entered by force. The woman stated that her sister was experiencing moments of horror at that moment because her gun was put on her head.

"They came with an executor, based on the decision. When they entered the apartment, they did not present anything. They forced their way in, hit me against a wall. I defended myself, a woman against three men you can't handle. At one point I bit one of the gendarmes, not my mother. My father was not in the country, he was a shooting driver for a long time ", she also declared.

Gheorghe Moroşan, the criminal from Oneşti, in critical condition, after being operated on

New information about the health condition of Gheorghe Moroşan, accused of committing the double crime in Oneşti. The man is hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit, after being operated on a second time due to complications. At the first surgery, the doctors extracted nine bullets from his body, two of which were lethal and seven made of rubber.

Adrian Popa, the manager of the Emergency Hospital from Bacău, gave details, live on România TV, about the state of health of Gheorghe Moroşan, the man accused of committing the double crime in Oneşti. Doctors say that Gheorghe Morosan has several health problems.


Sometimes you want your sweetness without having to bake a storm.

44. Chocolate cake with raspberries

If the craving for sweets succeeds, you can whip this cake lightly. All you need is a banana, cocoa powder, frozen raspberries and an egg.

Yes, one serving #healthy and flourless dessert. Best of all, bake in a minute in the microwave.

Four five. Clear warm berries for 2

This ripe fruit dessert is so easy to make:

  • Fill a baking dish with 2 cups of fresh or frozen berries.
  • Top with a mixture of oats, brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon.
  • Bake in the oven for 30 minutes until the top is crispy and the juices are boiling.

Wait, is that it? What are you waiting for! Make your own fruit pips A whipped cream cream or inactive topping is always a welcome addition.

46. ​​Pumpkin brownie without peanut butter

Biscuits, chocolate, without flour, refined sugar, butter or oil. WTF? What it really isinto thethese? How do I make a brownie? So. Many. Questions.

The answer? Peanut butter, chopped pumpkin, maple essence syrup, cocoa powder, ground flax seeds (or an egg), baking soda and chocolate chips make a fine brownie.

The dessert will be ready to share in half an hour.

47. Energy bites nuts

Natural ingredients, without baking and all come together in one bowl - sounds pretty great to us! This is an average power snack.

  • walnut butter
  • Honey
  • Oatmeal
  • unsweetened coconut
  • vanilla
  • sea ​​salt
  • any of your favorites, such as chopped nuts, seeds, dried fruit, chocolate chips or spices

Refrigerate the "dough" for 30 minutes, turn it into balls and refrigerate or freeze until ready to eat.

48. Chocolate foam

Even without added sugar, this chocolate pudding seriously causes yum.

Dates, coconut milk, cocoa powder, and vanilla until they form a thick, creamy mixture is the order of the day.

You can pour the pudding into small frames or bowls. Or, you can serve your hard work (pffft, right) in a larger bowl.

49. Banana cookies with thick monkeys

These flour-free cookies are quick and easy to prepare with excellent results.

Combine bananas, oats, peanut butter, vanilla protein powder, chocolate chips, chopped almonds, and a pinch of salt.

Then spoon the cookie-sized portions onto a baking sheet. In 10 minutes, you will take these children out of the oven.

Fifty. Sugar-free chocolate fudge

Photo: Katie covered in chocolate

Keep your dentist happy with this unrefined fudge sugar. The jam comes from super-ripe bananas, with a note of maple syrup, if the bananas are not ripe and sweet.

The best part: your food processor does the job.

The hard part: stay patient while the mixture is placed in a pan in the freezer.

51. Frozen yogurt with pumpkin

This fro-yo is easy to make with or without an ice cream maker. To which is added, pumpkins. So wonderful.

Combine Greek yogurt, pumpkin puree, maple syrup, nuts, vanilla extract and spices.

If you do it without a car, don't forget to mix occasionally. You don't want a frozen block of pumpkin instead of creamy pumpkin goodness.

(Don't be distracted by sculpting.)

52. Sugar-free peanut butter cookies

Oats are an ideal base for healthier cookies. Combine peanut butter, honey or maple syrup, cocoa powder, vanilla and shredded unsweetened coconut. Put 1 tablespoon of portions on a lined baking sheet.

Refrigerate until hardened. And you have light and healthy cookies.

53. Unbaked biscuits made of chocolate peanut butter

The idea of ​​chocolate peanut butter cookies? Yes. Heckin ’. Please. It's hard to be wrong. But the idea of ​​making them?Ugh. Things.

This recipe not only cuts the baking, but also most of the washing after.

Technical, move the mixture of butter, milk, sugar, oats, vanilla, chocolate and peanut butter to a baking tray to cool and form. With wax paper, however, you don't even have to clean the tray.


1. Brussels sprouts fried with Aioli garlic bacon

If you have a main dish that weighs meat, use the starter course as a chance to have some vegetables for dinner. Easy to prepare and packed with flavor, these Brussels sprouts and their accompanying accompaniment are as captivating as any fried app and much more fun to eat than a salad.

2. Shrimp, kiwi and pomegranate

"Verrine" sounds like something to leave your apron folded, but it simply refers to a kind of layered appetizer. In this shrimp version, you only need four ingredients to create an elegant, light and flavorful dish.

3. Spicy tuna and cucumber bites

If the Paleo thing makes going out to sushi a challenge, they allow you to satisfy your craving for spicy tuna at home. They offer a certain richness of fish and avocado, but they are not as stuffed as the rolls filled with rice, so they are perfect for snacking before it's time to enter.

4. Caramelized onion and bacon compote on sweet Crostini potatoes

To start a romantic meal on a starchy note, use these "toast". Although the sweet potato isn't as crunchy as the dough, it's a perfect vehicle for mixing bacon and onions almost like jam - and isn't croutini all about toppings, anyway?

5. Evil beet eggs

People may dismiss devilish eggs as old-fashioned, but there's a reason we still see them on restaurant tables and menus - they're tasty! To make them a little healthier (and a little more 2018), this recipe goes easy on Paleo mayo and adds a mashed beet to the filling.

6. Cauliflower hummus with kale pesto

Not even carbohydrate-conscious paleo people should give up their favorite dive. Cauliflower enters for chickpeas here and flavored with garlic and tahini, it tastes exactly like real hummus, while a whirlwind of kale pesto makes it just something more special for the night of the meeting.

7. Chestnuts with water wrapped in bacon

Anyone can think of asparagus wrapped in bacon, but dare to be different using water chestnuts instead. Rolled in coconut sugar and fried, they can be small, but these crunchy, sweet and salty packs contain a handful of serious flavor.