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Guide to Gluten-Free Drinking Slideshow

Guide to Gluten-Free Drinking Slideshow


Don’t: Drink it. A double no-no would be a wheat beer like German Hefeweizen, which packs a double punch.

Do: The exception to the rule above is to order a gluten-free brand made with buckwheat, sorghum, rice or corn (see an extensive list here).

Do: Have a cider if you’re craving a pint of something fizzy.


Do: Drink it. Learn more about it here.


Do: Celebrate! Bubbly is made from grapes and is naturally gluten-free.


Do: Have a pint. Fermented from fruit, most ciders are a safe bet.

Don’t: Go for Hornsby's Draft Cider or Harpoon – these two better-known brands include malted barley in their brew.


Do: Go ahead and have a shot – distilled from an impressive 56 herbs and spices, Jäeger remains gluten-free.

Don’t: Drop your shot in a pint of beer (obviously).


Maryse Chevriere


Do: Have a shot (or seven, á la "My Big Fat Greek Wedding") because this aromatic aniseed apéritif is gluten-free.

Malt Liquor

Do: Give up on this one, there isn’t an forty-ouncer or Barbie beer under the sun that doesn’t contain gluten. If you really feel left out, there’s nothing like a game of Edward 40-hands with bottles of wine.

Don’t: Think that “light” on the label means that it’s light on the barley.


Do: Get your hands on this tasty beverage – it’s distilled from honey and, like wine, is naturally gluten-free.


Do: Go light or white – unspiced means gluten-free.

Don’t: Order dark or spiced rum, many brands with artificial ingredients like caramel color may contain wheat starch.


Do: Order it hot or cold – either way, it’s brewed from rice.

Don’t: Drop your cup in a pint of beer (see Jäeger).


Do: Take a shot! Tequila is distilled from agave and is gluten-free, as are most Margarita mixes. To be on the safe (and probably tastier) side, make your own.

Don’t: Go dark. As with rum many artificial ingredients include caramel color, a widely-found gluten culprit.


Do: Drink it! While typically derived from wheat (although it can also be made from potatoes or corn), those with sensitivities can safely enjoy drinks made with distilled spirits as the process eliminates gluten.

Don’t: Let anyone tell you that distilled spirits derived from wheat contain gluten – it’s science!


Do: Stock up and buy yourself a case or two – this is the notorious second choice of former enthusiastic beer drinkers like myself. Meet your new best friends, red, white and rosé.

Don’t: Drink wine coolers – some contain malted barley.