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Dove truffles

Dove truffles

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Dove truffles recipe by on 21-04-2014 [Updated on 21-04-2014]

There is no Monday without a dessert and these dove truffles can be an idea to prepare a dessert at the last minute to celebrate Easter Monday. My kitchen will be closed these days, I enjoy a few days of vacation and I hope to taste something typical here in Malta and then be able to propose it on the blog when I return. For now I wish you a good day and I'm going to visit Valletta, I'm really curious to know this island. Kisses ;*


How to make dove truffles

Put the colomba, ricotta, milk and cocoa in a bowl

Work everything until you get a soft mixture

Shape into balls and pass them in bowls with colored sprinkles, bitter cocoa or coconut flour

Put the dove truffles in the fridge for 30 minutes


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