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Spelled, feta and blueberry salad

Spelled, feta and blueberry salad

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Recipe Spelled feta and blueberry salad of 20-07-2018 [Updated on 02-10-2018]

L'feta and blueberry farro salad it is a rich, fresh and colorful dish. Prepared with vegetables, cheese and fruit, this salad (beautiful to look at and delicious to taste) can be the last minute idea on the hottest days of summer. I discovered it on the Gnambox blog while I was looking for a light but inviting dish to make for lunch and I was immediately captivated by its colors and its ingredients! All the flavors blend perfectly and constitute a complete and balanced lunch: P.
In short, if like me you are always looking for new ones salad recipes to be realized, write this down for the next occasion, it will amaze you: P


How to make feta and blueberry farro salad

In a blender, blend 3/4 of the blueberries with oil, vinegar, honey, salt and a pinch of white pepper.

Clean and dry the rocket, then arrange it on a large plate.
Add the boiled spelled, the onion cut into thin slices and the corn in the center.

Crumble the feta and put it too, finally the remaining blueberries and season with the prepared dressing.

Your feta and blueberry spelled salad is ready to be served.

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