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Coffee drowned

Coffee drowned

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Coffee affogato recipe by of 08-10-2020

L'drowned in coffee it is a fresh and tasty dessert, very easy to prepare but also versatile, if you want, which is prepared strictly on the spot. Basically, it is in fact ice cream served with espresso coffee, perfect at the end of a meal or even for a delicious afternoon snack. The variable is that you can potentially use any flavor of ice cream: the most classic are vanilla and fiordilatte, sometimes cream or hazelnut, but why not chocolate or even stracciatella? In short, you can go a little on the nose and get inspired by the palate ... The only taste that perhaps I would avoid is the coffee one, as there would not be that nice contrast of flavors that usually distinguishes this delicious dessert;)
Once you have chosen the perfect combination, also indulge yourself with the decoration of your coffee affogato: I went for the classic with whipped cream and chocolate flakes, but you can opt for what you want, also depending on the flavor of ice cream chosen: chopped hazelnuts, crumbled meringue, white chocolate curls ... You can also simply serve the ice cream cups by presenting the coffee mocha separately, so as not to let the already melted ice cream reach the table and allow guests to choose how much to pour ;)


How to make coffee affogato

Prepare the coffee and place the ice cream in the cups, then pour the coffee, warm or even hot, straight over the scoops of ice cream.

The coffee affogato is ready: garnish with a dollop of whipped cream and chocolate flakes and serve immediately.

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