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Veal rolls with olives

Veal rolls with olives

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Recipe Veal rolls with olives from of 04-10-2012 [Updated on 12-07-2018]

Veal rolls with green olives are a quick, delicious and tasty second course. Tell the truth, this week I am really spoiling you with all these new recipes that I am posting and to say that I have not yet started publishing the ones with the pumpkin that I prepared the other week! Dear friends there are a lot of news that I am preparing on the blog, from the specials for the holidays to the menus for every occasion to the 'how to' sections and, if I can, I also insert the section so requested lately ... recipes for children !!!
In practice I would need days of at least 48 hours, but fortunately for a couple of weeks now I have someone who helps me with the blog and I am managing to make a few things I had in my drawer as well as my recipe book. ... shhhhh it's a secret;) I leave you to the recipe of these tasty veal rolls and we read later, kiss kisses


How to make veal rolls with olives

Chop the pitted olives with the smoked provola, the parmesan and the rosemary

Beat the veal slices to thin them and place a spoonful of the mixture obtained in the center of each slice.

Form the rolls by stopping the meat with toothpicks
Sprinkle the rolls with the remaining mixture trying to make it adhere well to the surface.

Brown the olive rolls in a non-stick pan with a drizzle of oil.

Salt, deglaze with the white wine, put the lid on and cook for about ten minutes.

Serve the rolls warm

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