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Muffins with white chocolate and black cherries

Muffins with white chocolate and black cherries

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Muffins, black cherries and white chocolate, three things that I love and that together reach the apotheosis of pleasure;) This Monday's muffins are a sweet to prepare on the fly to have something sweet after dinner and, if you have some left over, a good breakfast for the next day. Well girls, today is a rather special day, in the afternoon shooting for the first video recipes begins and my legs are shaking, I have never cooked in front of strangers and above all, I never mind being filmed by a video camera. Anyone who has seen my video presentation of the book knows how embarrassed I was (and also a bit embarrassed to be honest) and how long it took me to do it, I just hope that everything goes well and that these three days pass quickly. I greet you and leave you to the Muffin recipe with black cherries and white chocolate, basins and cross your fingers for me!


How to make muffins with white chocolate and sour cherries

Video: How to make RASPBERRY MUFFINS with white CHOCOLATE (June 2022).


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