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Pumpkin rice timballs

Pumpkin rice timballs

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Recipe Timballini of rice with pumpkin by of 27-05-2016 [Updated on 30-09-2018]

Today I propose the pumpkin rice timballs, a recipe that I made for my book "I menu di Misya 2" and that I included in the menu dedicated to vegetarian guests. It is a pumpkin risotto enriched with pieces of smoked cheese that is placed in single-portion cups lined with courgette flowers and then baked in the oven. These timballini can therefore be prepared in advance and passed in the oven at the last moment, a practical first course and also with a very nice scenic effect :) Girls I don't know if you have read the newsletter in which I communicated the thing, in any case, for of the small hitches I had yesterday, the new site will go online directly on Monday, this means that I will also work on the weekend and this does not drive me crazy, but never mind! So I leave you to the recipe of these pumpkin timballini accompanied by the video recipe and I wish you a good day: *


How to make pumpkin rice timballs

Cut the pumpkin into cubes, chop the onion and brown both in a pan with a drizzle of oil.

Add the rice and toast it, then deglaze with the white wine.

Cover everything with the vegetable broth and start cooking, adding more broth, little by little, as it is absorbed.

Grease some single-portion molds and line them with the courgette flowers.

Cook the rice very al dente, then add diced scamorza, butter and grated cheese mix.

Divide the risotto into molds and bake at 180 ° C in a pre-heated ventilated oven. Cook for about 20 minutes.

Once taken out of the oven, let the risper timballini cool for a few minutes, then turn them upside down on the plates and serve.

And this is the link to the video recipe;)

Video: Pumpkin Rice Recipes Home Made. Recipes By Chef Ricardo (August 2022).