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Thermomix pear jam

Thermomix pear jam

Recipe Thermomix pear jam by of 01-03-2017 [Updated on 21-08-2018]

After the classic pear jam, here is also the Thermomix version. If you also want to try it then get yourself some organic pears, so as not to remove the peel and be sure to eat a healthier jam because it is free of pesticides and so on.


How to make Thermomix pear jam

Remove cores and seeds from pears.
Then place them in the jug with the other ingredients and cook at 100 ° C for 40 min. at vel. 2.
Check the density of the jam and if you prefer, continue cooking for another 20 min. Varoma vel. 2.

Put the jam in the previously sterilized jars, close them with the lid and turn them upside down until completely cooled.
To keep the jam longer, you could pasteurize the full jars by immersing them again in a pot with boiling water.

You could keep the jars for up to 6-10 months in the pantry but once opened they will be placed in the fridge for a maximum of 1 week.

This pear jam is delicious both spread on rusks for breakfast and served with bread and aged cheeses.

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