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Broad bean and feta salad

Broad bean and feta salad

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Broad bean and feta salad recipe of 03-06-2014 [Updated on 12-09-2017]

The broad bean, feta and cucumber salad is a complete, fresh and tasty dish, it was our dinner a few days ago and I really liked the combination of flavors. The broad beans salad are a new discovery for me, last year I approached this legume to dress the pasta, then last month I made a delicious broad bean pesto and now I have served them in the salad, they are very versatile and I am happy to have introduced them into my diet. If I have intrigued you, try this broad bean and feta salad and then let me know if you liked it, I say goodbye and I'll get to work, after a long weekend spent at the beach it is difficult to find concentration and above all to explain to elisa that every no beach, I'll try to invent a little something;) kisses


How to make a bean and feta salad

Shell the beans then cook them in boiling water for about ten minutes, drain and let them cool

peel and peel the cucumber and cut into small pieces, slice the onion

Cut the feta cheese into cubes

Put the cucumber, feta, onion and basil in a bowl and season with salt and oil

add now and beans and mix gently

Serve the broad bean and feta salad warm

Video: Broad Bean, Dill and Feta Salad Recipe (June 2022).


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