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Brewing Company's Flippant Response to a Cease and Desist Letter Is the Best Thing Ever

Brewing Company's Flippant Response to a Cease and Desist Letter Is the Best Thing Ever

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Read what happens when you threaten to sue Freetail Brewing Co.

You always hear about companies suing others for using similar-sounding catchphrases or names. So it's no surprise that an Oregon brewing company would send a cease and desist letter to Texas-based Freetail Brewing Co. over the name "Hopasaurus Rex."

While the Oregan company was using the name for a beer, Freetail was simply using it to name a brewing process. Freetail Brewing Co. gave in and has discontinued the name, but their response to the lawyer's letter full of legalese is pretty brilliant.

Founder and CEO Scott Metzger starts off by thanking the lawyer for his letter, saying, "Since you are from [redacted], under normal circumstances I would assume you have a beard... I do, too! But, since you are a lawyer, you probably just have expensive suits instead. Way less cool, but whatever works for you man."

Metzger then goes on to say "they could have just asked us nicely and saved the legal fee" and offers to still give the Oregon brewers a high five next time. He signs off with "Word to Yo' Mamma" and a picture of a T-Rex waving white flags.

As for the new name of Freetail's "Hopasaurus Rex" process? "We haven't thought of it," Metzger tells us. "We don't use it that often, but we were thinking of 'Surrendersaurus' or something like that."

Edible Apple has the entire (very readable) letter.

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