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Fluffy and simple pandispan

Fluffy and simple pandispan

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  • 2 cups filled with flour
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 10 tablespoons oil (cooking)
  • 10 eggs (egg whites separated from the yolks)
  • a vanilla sugar
  • a little salt

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Fluffy and simple Pandispan:

First separate the eggs and put them in large bowls. Put the salt in the egg white bowl and beat in the mixer until it foams and when we lift the bowl upside down, the foam does not fall. Then put the first cup of sugar and mix again with the mixer for 1 minute. Then put the second cup of sugar and mix again with a mixer for 1 minute. In the bowl of yolks put 10 tablespoons of oil and mix them lightly until smooth to the right so as not to cut. We put these yolks in the bowl of egg whites and mix again with the mixer. After that we put the vanilla sugar and while we put slowly, slowly we mix all the flour with the spatula slowly, slowly so that the air does not come out. In a greased form with a hole in the middle, put the dough in the oven already lit at 180 degrees, for 30-40 minutes.

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I personally bake the lower resistance for the first time until it's done (the pandispan starts to smell all over the house and is baked at the edges) and then I put the upper resistance


Do not mix the dough at the end before the form quickly, to keep the air and you come out fluffy


At the end, to see if it's ready, put a toothpick in the pan and if the dough sticks to it, then it's not ready yet!

This cake recipe is incredibly easy and simple, it is a good recipe for beginners in the kitchen, because the result is wonderful, novices receiving the necessary impetus to continue :).

The eggs are mixed with the sugar well, until they begin to increase in volume and the sugar begins to melt. Mixing further, add the milk, pouring in a thin thread, then add the oil, just as thin.

We mix the flour together with the vanilla sugar and the baking powder, after which we add it, sifting it one by one, in the egg mixture.

Divide the cake dough into 2 equal parts, in one of them adding the two tablespoons of cocoa.

Wallpaper a round cake shape with baking paper, and start pouring alternately from the two compositions, starting in the center. We start with the white dough from which we put a 4 cm circle with a spoon (about 3 tablespoons), we continue, also in the middle of the mold, with the cocoa dough and so on until the two compositions are finished.

The tray does not move, the dough does not spread with a spatula. After we finish pouring the dough in the pan, put it in the preheated oven at 180 degrees until it passes the toothpick test.

This is how the real sponge cake is made & # 8230 Finally, I found the perfect recipe!

We present you a delicious sponge cake recipe. It is prepared very simply, from the most affordable ingredients. Get a fine, soft and airy cake that goes perfectly with any favorite cream. Wrap the sponge cake in paper and it will be just as soft and fluffy for a week. Enjoy your loved ones with an amazing homemade cake.


-140 ml of carbonated mineral water

-1/4 teaspoon lemon salt

Method of preparation

1. Separate the egg whites from the yolks.

2. Mix the flour with the baking powder, salt and 150 g of sugar.

3. Make a hole in the flour and pour the yolks into the space, then the water. Stir.

4. Add the oil. Mix with a spoon, then use a mixer on medium speed. Get a homogeneous mass.

5. Beat 6 egg whites until you get a foam with stable tips.

6. Gradually add the lemon salt and stir.

7. Add the remaining sugar and mix again until you get a foam with stable peaks.

8. Gradually add the egg white foam to the dough and mix using a spatula.

Fluffy pandispan crescent cake with almonds by Simona Callas

This cake is among the first that I remember, made by my mother, among the first that I in turn prepared for my own children, and also among the first that come to mind when I need a sweet simple and fast, with ingredients that I always have in the house.

The recipe I propose to you differs a little from the original one I got from my mother. I replaced some of the wheat flour with almond flour, and beat the eggs whole with sugar. My mother rubbed the butter foam with the sugar, then incorporated the yolks and the rest of the ingredients and beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt and add them at the end, after the flour. Well, I've found that you don't need that much work. I beat the whole eggs with the sugar, and my cake is extraordinarily fluffy and fine.

The fact that I added almond flour to the composition, of course, contributed to obtaining a special texture and flavor. You can replace almond flour with hazelnut or walnut flour (very finely ground walnuts), you will get the same fine and fluffy top with the specific aromas of walnuts used. I preferred it to be whiter / yellow, to look more like a crescent, but everyone does as they please.

Chick fluffy 4 recipes

If you want a chocolate cake, half chocolate and half very fragrant, a cake from the category & # 8222lux & # 8221 I recommend & # 8221 Chocolate cake recipe & # 8221. If you are looking for economical cake recipes, I highly recommend & # 8221 Cocoa cake recipe & # 8221 and & # 8221 Cappuccino cake recipe & # 8221.

What cake recipe do you prefer? Are you more inclined to the classic cake recipes or to the creative ones? I must admit that I never refuse a simple lemon cake or a chocolate cake.
To keep up to date with the following video recipes, uncooked cake recipes, homemade cake recipes or cake recipes, subscribe to my Youtube channel.

Pandispan fluffy! Try the fastest pandispan recipe!

You want to eat something good and you don't know what, don't wink at anything from the buffet with nicely packaged goodies, you would like to enjoy something delicate, with a fine and fluffy texture and maybe some delicious topping. How about one sponge? Here's how to prepare the fastest recipe of sponge. Enjoy!


& bull 8 eggs
& bull 8 tablespoons flour
& bull 8 tablespoons oil
& bull 8 tablespoons sugar
& bull A pinch of salt
& bull Seeds from a vanilla stick

If I have to find a defining word for this recipe that is: simple! Yes, the pandispan is preparing very quickly, so let's get started!

Separate the egg whites from the yolks and place them in two large bowls. Sprinkle salt powder over the egg whites and, with the help of a mixer, beat them well, well until foam clouds form.

Using a wooden spoon, mix the 8 yolks, 8 tablespoons oil, 8 tablespoons sugar and 8 tablespoons flour. Do this gradually, meticulously and try, as much as possible, not to change the direction of mixing. In the end, pamper the resulting cream with vanilla seeds.

The next step is to incorporate the two mixtures. Over the cream, add the foam clouds. The resulting composition passes into a pan greased with butter and lined with a little flour. Let the dough tan in the hot oven for 45-55 minutes.

In the end, powder the wonder of sponge with powdered sugar and sprinkle with caramel or chocolate topping. Pandispan recipe It's already your favorite, isn't it?

Fluffy check with cocoa, tricks for a successful recipe without effort.

It is equally important to slowly incorporate the rest of the ingredients into the egg whites to keep this air. I don't have to tell you that all the ingredients have to be at room temperature and that you have to preheat the oven. To make sure you have baked the cake enough, test it with a toothpick. When the toothpick comes out clean, the cake is baked. Do not take the cake out of the oven if you are not sure it is ready. Baking may take longer, depending on the tray and oven. A ceramic or glass tray will increase the baking time by 20 minutes. Then let it cool well before cutting. If the appetite is high, it can be cut warm, but I like it to be completely cooled and to enjoy it with a large glass of milk.

This fluffy cocoa cake is extremely easy to customize. You can add nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, dried fruit, chocolate. Whatever you want. You can also bake it in a round shape, if you want to cut it like a cake, or if you want to glaze it. If you don't want to make the zebra decoration that I made, you can simply put the two compositions (the one with cocoa and the one without) on top of each other and use a knife to mix them together. You can also omit cocoa altogether, or make the whole cocoa cake. As you wish, the possibilities are endless. However, I recommend you make it in two colors, the taste is perfect, just like in childhood. For a special flavor, you can add your favorite essences. The essence of rum in the composition of cocoa and oranges in the white one. It will be delicious!

Pandispan with flat peaches

We present you a simple recipe that will delight your loved ones. Cakes & # 8211 cakes & # 8211 urban flavor cookies. These are questions I have answered many times and I have. If you want a more & ldquogeneros & rdquo pandispan in layers, ie one that you can slice without problems in 3 layers, prepare the pandispan from 8 eggs: use 8 tablespoons. How to make a fluffy and high cake top without baking powder? Simple pandispan cake top with vanilla & # 8211 classic recipe that doesn't fail. RECIPE PREPARATION Simple pandispan dessert: In a bowl, put the sugar and the 4 eggs.

Add salt powder and vanilla sugar. I remembered that she always told me about the pandispan recipe that it is very easy to remember: 6 - 6 - 6, that is 6 eggs, 6 tablespoons of sugar. Sponge cake with plums or any kind of summer fruit - step by step recipe. Chocolate and coconut cookies & # 8211 Home Dessert & # 8211 Maria Popa. Homemade Dessert presents a variety of recipes for desserts and sweets.

Although it is an extremely simple recipe, it has some rules that we must follow for a perfect success. Here's how easy it is to make a delicious, sour-tasting plum pandispan, richly powdered with sugar as soon as you take it out of the oven. I found out the secret of the fluffiest pandispan!

Want to make a fluffy pandispan, but you never & bdquonimerit & rdquo the recipe?

Simple and fluffy check tray

List of the best 51 recipes, including Dessert Chub with Dessert, Zebra Check. We need the following ingredients… List of ingredients: 4 eggs (to be cold from the fridge) 8 tablespoons sugar 8 tablespoons flour 8 tablespoons oil o. Cakes & # 8211 cakes & # 8211 urban flavor cookies. Here you can find the recipe for PANDISPAN - CAKE TABLE with vanilla, with. A fluffy and tasty cake that I highly recommend No Cook Desserts. Today I made a simple, fluffy and very good sponge cake. These colorful models were fresh and flavorful. Preparation: Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Add half the amount of. Put the eggs, sugar and vanilla in the bowl and beat for 6 minutes. 8 egg cake top - fluffy sponge cake recipe from her grandmother. A delicious (Saxon) recipe for dense and fluffy cake, guaranteed!

To prepare this dough, you need the following ingredients: 6 eggs 300. Fluffy and airy sponge cake, which melts in your mouth & # 8211 Cut into cubes and. And fluffy, and like a skein piscot.

How to make a pandispan according to the recipe (with fruit or cocoa) - How to prepare

We will only use the ingredients mentioned above, we will not add baking soda to our recipe and we will not need baking powder to get a thick and fluffy sponge cake. We will only need fresh eggs, flour, a pinch of salt, sugar and essences.

We will start by preparing two medium-sized containers in which we will separate the egg yolks from the egg whites. We will add the salt powder in the yolks and we will mix until they all dissolve, then we will start to prepare the egg whites.

The egg whites need special attention, because they are the main ingredient of this sponge cake. We will mix them at medium speed until they double in volume, then we will gradually add the sugar, little by little as it will be incorporated into the mixture. We will get a glossy foam, with a strong consistency, which must quickly take the shape of the mixer blades when we pass them through it.

We will check that there is no unsweetened sugar in our mixture, taking a little foam between the fingers. I recommend using only crystalline sugar, so that our foam keeps its shape better. Many recipes have been adapted, changing crystalline sugar with powdered sugar.

From now on, we will not use the mixer to mix, because we do not want to spoil the air network that we have formed inside the structure of the egg whites. We will pour the egg white foam and vanilla essence over the yolks, mixing with a spatula in wide, bottom-up movements. If you use fresh, country eggs, your sponge cake will have a special, intense color, much more vividly colored than when buying eggs.

We are going to add the flour, which we will sift beforehand, to make sure that it does not form lumps in our mixture and that there will be no impurities in the dough. We will add it little by little, stirring gently to make sure that the dough remains fluffy and fine, like a foam!

Next, we will need to prepare our tray, lining it with baking paper. If you do not have baking paper, do not worry, you can use a little oil over which you will sprinkle flour to create a protective layer so that it does not burn the surface of our cake.

We will preheat the oven to medium temperature, ie 180 degrees Celsius in the case of electric ovens. Once heated, we will put the tray in the oven and let the sponge cake bake for about half an hour.

After this time, the sponge cake should be browned on the surface. It is best, however, to try the sponge cake with a dry, clean toothpick. Put toothpicks in the sponge cake, and when you remove it, it should be clean and dry so that your sponge cake is ready.

To prepare a sponge cake with cocoa, you will proceed as follows: the proportion of flour changes, a third of it being replaced by cocoa. In our case, we will use 80 grams of cocoa, with 170 grams of flour, the rest, the amounts of the other ingredients remaining unchanged.

If you want to make marbled sponge cake, separate half the amount of egg whites and yolks and add cocoa only in half of the mixture, and leave the other half simple, without adding other ingredients.