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Baked pepper stew, with sour cream and polenta

Baked pepper stew, with sour cream and polenta

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The bell peppers are washed and baked over low heat so that they do not burn. After baking, put in a bowl covered with a lid and after 15-20 minutes clean the skins, seeds and stalks. Before cooking, let the juice drain.

Peel the onions, wash, cut into juliennes and cook over low heat in enough oil.

Wash the tomatoes, peel the seeds, cut into thin slices and lightly fry the onions over low heat. Add a glass of water and let the pan simmer over low heat.

Add the cooked, rolled peppers to the pan, as if they were whole, and keep the food on low heat for 8-10 minutes. Add the pepper juice to the pan.

Peel the garlic, wash it, cut it into small pieces and add it to the pan. After another 3-4 minutes of simmering, simmer, season with: salt, pepper and thyme, cover the pan with a lid and serve the stew (sprinkled with chopped parsley) with sour cream and hot polenta, side by side.