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Desert tort in Egypt

Desert tort in Egypt

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Top: mix the egg whites with the sugar and salt powder until they become a hard and shiny foam. The walnuts are mixed with the flour and incorporated into the egg whites. Grease with butter a cake ring with a diameter of 23 cm and pour the composition and level it with a spatula or spoon and put in the preheated oven 180 degrees until lightly browned. We repeat the operation 3 more times to have 4 countertops.

Vanilla cream: In a saucepan put the 8 yolks together with the starch and mix well with the whisk, then add the powdered sugar, essence and milk little by little until we finish it. Put on the fire, stirring constantly until it thickens. Leave to cool to room temperature, then mix by adding a little bit of soft butter.

Cream of cream and caramelized nuts: Caramelize the sugar and after it becomes golden add the walnut and mix. Pour everything on a baking sheet and leave to cool. We break the pieces by hand and chop them in the food processor. Beat the sour cream until it becomes hard and mix with the caramelized walnuts. We keep some of the nuts for decoration.

In the ring in which I baked the countertops we place the countertop, vanilla cream, whipped cream and again countertop, vanilla cream, etc. until we finish the countertops and cream. Decorate as you like.

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